Here at Iquitos BIO-SUN Resort your life will never be the same, enjoy a beautiful life style different from any other place in the World. You too can share in this experience by becoming a partner with BIO-SUN Resort.

You can own or rent a Villa House here, and stay year round, or when life get to you and you need to escape, escape to BIO-SUN Mystical Resort, and have a life changing experience. Find out why this place is so special and cure yourself of any sickness thru special treatments that can never be found anywhere in the world but here in the Amazon. Give yourself a fresh new start.
The Luxurious Villa House was specifically designed in a form so that you can receive true universal energy of love happiness and health, just for you. Have your own piece of Heaven right here at BIO-SUN.
Gene Guru - Miracle Healer
Healing indian people of Brazil and Peru in Amazon
Gene Guru - Miracle Healer, healing the indian people of Brazil and Peru/Iquitos in Amazon. He is a Spiritual Healer of the Body, Mind and Soul. Gene Guru has healed thousands of people with all kinds of illnesses with the great talent he has been so gifted with.

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Walking with God - songs by Gene Guru
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Walking with God - songs by Gene Guru

Free CD - "Walking with God" - Songs by Gene Guru
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